10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jason Statham.
Crank 2006 star Jason Statham.

Jason Statham is an English actor and He is well known for his action movie. Today we don’t talk about Jason best and the worst hidden thing that might be you guys didn’t know. We talk about Jason Statham 10 hidden things that you might don’t know about. So let’s see 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jason Statham.


Jason first job was as a street seller. Before he became a famous action movie star. Jason was working on the street of London. He and his father ware paddling knocked off good just to get buy when they weren’t paddling there aware during the day. He and his father were working as a dancer and lounge singer at night.


Jason was a model before he was an actor. Before Jason was an actor, he was a model. He never likes the way he smiles so he would often rather than smile people that got the attention of many modeling agencies and big name brand companies. Many agencies and photographers an advertising agency want Jason face to promote their product or skills.


His street selling skills helped him in his first role. Jason starts his acting career Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels film. Jason plays a street seller role in this movie and before he was an Actor or Model, he was a street seller so his skills help him in his first film.


He was kicked out of the Playboy Mansion. In 2008 Jason visit Playboy mansion as many other celebrity visits but he kicks out of the mansion because he didn’t want to take any photo or something else. He never went back and he never told any things why he kicks out.


Jason was a world-class diver. Jason was very Atlantic-man. In 1990 Jason Statham wins the diving competition. He was also a National Brittany’s team member and his diving career was very good. He finished the training he needed to be diverse. This training help Jason many movies during the stunts.


Jason does his stunts in every movie. You never have seen Statham any movie without action I think you don’t because of his movie all about action. Some of the action stunts of Jason film really good and most of them Jason done by himself. During the stunts of The Expendables series, Jason almost dies but he never gave up that makes Jason so special.


He failed his driving test more than one time. According to Jason Statham, he picked up very bad driving habits from his father when they were working together. We see this movie star in the famous Transporter franchising, The Italian Job or just a few of the movie and this movie all about action and driving cars but in real life, Jason was a bad driving habit.


During the Coachella festival in California Jason took a golf car without permission and take a ride on California street. But they got arrested by the police and they are film star so they order him to take back where they found the car and go back to the hotel room.


He almost dies during the Expendables movie more than one time. When Jason filming the movie called Expendables Sylvester Stallone decided Jason in the plane that shoot bullet then the pilot of the plane told that engine might be down and it is enough time to make a safe land and the other stunts Jason went down into the water with a track. You know Jason was a world-class diver so he dives safely and gets out of here. Those incidents never stop Statham.


Jason Statham is a real martial artist. He plays a unique action stunt in every movie. Jason uses his fighting style in a movie that makes him special. Jason is considered as top-tier as professional MMA athletes. His martial art help to create his unique fight style.