Black Panther 2 And Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 Released Date Confirm
Marvel Studio: Black Panther

Since 2015 Marvel released Avengers Age Of Ultron film and introduce some new superhero and every year marvel studio surprises us with there new ideas and the new movie. Not all of the marvel movie superhit or blockbuster but if you are a true marvel fan then you love all Marvel movies also you love thor the dark world if the film not well.

Black Panther 2 Releasing Date Confirm

When Marvel studio introduces Black panther in Civil war we didn’t even think that this film made a lot of records. Winning two Oscar, and more than 1 billion worldwide. Also, this film knocks out other MCU film civil war, iron man 3, ant-man, Doctor Strange, Thor. After a huge success of black panther in 2018, Marvel Kevin figure revealed that they made a black panther sequel future. Now it’s time to reveal that the film released date there is an expectation early February 2022. It means we might enjoy black panther 2 at the starting of 2022.

Also, we notice a black panther upcoming film hints in Avengers: Endgame where Okoye and Natasha discuss an underwater earthquake. A lot of people or MCU fans think that MCU must introduce Name in Black panther 2. Now Black panther sequel confirms and we have to wait a long time.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 Releasing Date Confirm

Guardians Of The Galaxy Marvel one of the successful movies. Not a huge success but the Guardians team made their own fan. Also, Guardians Of The Galaxy was the first film where MCU introduce space, galaxy, several planets, their new bad villain. A whole new Galaxy team and show us Thanos and this popularity.

After released avengers infinity war and Endgame Guardians Of The Galaxy team create more craze. And the way rocket and nebula joined The mighty avengers in avengers: Endgame it’s awesome. Now This Guardians team returns with some new character also James Gunn confirmed that Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 always his 2nd project after Dc suicide squad. And that film released in 2022. Guardians Of The Galaxy releasing date 1 May 2022.

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