Marvel Studio: Iron Man 2 (Black Widow aka Scarlett Johansson)

Marvel Black Widow continuously gets delay because of the pandemic. Recently the new trailer revealed a new release date of the Black Widow film. Disney tries to release the film in the theater & we love to watch Black Widow on the big screen. But it seems very difficult to watch the film on the big screen. It’s a must-watch film & people are waiting for this film so long. The last time we watch Black Widow Sacrifice her life for Soul stone. It was very hard to watch one of our favorite characters’ death.

The Black Widow solo film is a gift for every marvel fan & hopes they feature a cameo of Iron man and Captain America. The story of this film takes place after the event of the Civil war where Natasha betrate Tony & help Cap. We know what happens to every superhero who helps cap they suffer. The Film Black Widow story features the untold story of Natasha Romonaf Past & her original family. Features some superpowerful Family member & a copycat villain who looks just awesome in the trailer.

Black Widow New Release date
Marvel Black Widow New Release date | Disney Plus

Black Widow (2021) Movie Final Release Date & Language

  • Black Widow is an English language movie & plan to release every corner of the planet. Film release Us, Uk, Australia, China, Japan, India, Pakistan, Canada & others country. Film Black Widow will be release In multi-language so we all gone enjoy Black Widow In Hindi, Tamil, Telugu language. It will be released on 09 July 2021.

Where Can I Watch Black Widow Movie

Marvel Disney studio tale a lot of time so that they can release this film in the theater on the big screen. It’s not that they can make more money by releasing the film in the theater. Also, it’s a Marvel film & It will be more fun & exciting to watch Black Widow Big screen. But it already tale a lot of time & the Marvel Studio wants to release the film at any cost. So they plan to release the film in theater In English (original), Dubbed Hindi, Tamil, Telugu & other languages. Not only just theater also Black Widow Full Movie available on Disney plus Hotstar. But you have to pay additional costs to watch Black Widow Full Movie Online on Disney plus.

Black Widow Cast

Marvel Studio Black Widow Final Trailer | Star Scarlet Johanson

Both the Old & new Black Widow trailer features a lot of similar footage But the new trailer releases some new stuff too. Also, some Avenger infinity war & Endgame footage also appear at the starting of the trailer. The new stuff shows us the teenage Natasha & her Sister photo including Young red guardian. Trailer 2 also shows us more about her mother, the Villan & her relation with her red Room. After watching Black Widow Trailer 1 & 2 it more like a Spy thriller action film including some Impossible Mission stuff. Scarlet Johanson looks stunning very dangerous in the First & second Trailer.