MCU, Marvel Characters & Superhero's Best And Worst Costumes Rank After Avengers: Endgame
MCU, Marvel Studio: Marvel Characters & Superhero's Costumes (Iron Man, Spiderman, Wanda Maximoff)

Superhero suit or Costumes play a big role in a superhero movie. As we all love Iron man suit because it looks so cool. It’s not mean that we love the iron man because of the iron man suit it because of Robert Downey Jr. But sometimes it matters because we recognize our favorite superhero with their costumes and suits.

So here we talked about Marvel characters’ best and worst costumes. Like

  • Iron man suit
  • Captain America
  • Thor
  • Spider-man
  • Loki
  • Black widow
  • Thanos
  • Hulk
  • more.

At the 10 years of the MCU, we’ve seen costumes range from amazing to eye-rolling. So today we’re gonna be taking a look at the worst and best costumes in the MCU.


The best thing that can be said about quicksilver’s costume in Avengers Age of Ultron. Thankfully we never have to see it again. It’s like the character was getting ready to take one of those trips to the gym. Where he wasn’t expecting to see anybody. He knew so he just ruins some nondescript athletic gear without a second thought and then was thrust into a situation. Where he had to stop a small city from cratering into the planet his costume is even more disappointing. When you peek at Fox’s x-men version of Quicksilver man to bask in his bar superior costume. let’s put it this way nobody wants to be this version of Quicksilver for Halloween sure.

Captain America:

Captain America has some awesome costumes in the MCU but the duds he sports in the first Avengers movie are almost laughably bad before he became a human bob skullcap was battle-ready with his rugged World War 2 costume and must have been disappointed.

when he saw how lame his suit was in the present day he probably didn’t say anything. Because he didn’t know how to make proper fashion choices after 70 years on ice. Three words ditch the helmet if anyone’s to blame it’s Agent Coulson. Who said he had design input on caps costume in the first movie. It just a coincidence that Captain America suits got much better after Coulson’s presumed demise.


We don’t think so vision is what you get when you try to faithfully adapt a comic book costume that deserved a brand-new imagining for the big screen you can never say vision doesn’t look the part as he looks almost exactly as he does in the comics but where his comic book suit is a rich mix of vibrant green yellow and red that pops off the page.

Iron Man Mark 47:

Tony Stark suits have always been recognizable by their red and gold colors. Tony’s made a few variations of Iron man suits. But it’s that classic look that has made his suits as iconic as they are today. Which is why it’s so baffling to see his suit choice and spider-man homecoming. The mark 47 is by far the worst Iron Man suit. He’s worn off the MCU mainly because it just doesn’t look finished his middle torso is completely silver. Also instead of that looking cool and it looks like happy Hogan didn’t have time to finish his paint job.


Yellow Jacket:

Most Marvel origin films are having the hero fight a villain with their exact same skillset ant-man falls under this category with him facing the villainous yellow jacket but it’s hard to be too mad at it when the yellow jacket has an interesting costume it’s nowhere near the best villain suit in the MCU.

But we appreciate how the aesthetic bolt matches and counters the heroes costume the yellow and black looks cool and the helmet is pretty menacing on the big screen plus the suit also comes with four additional tentacle spikes attached to his back and everybody knows the more tentacle spikes you have the more awesome you look.

Black Widow:

When you’re a world-class assassin and super spy. You probably want a costume that doesn’t draw too much attention to yourself. You would have wanted a big fluttering cape or an eye-popping color scheme but rather something sleek and nondescript to help get the job done.

Natasha is the MCU staples secret agent and her costumes throughout the series have never been super flashy. The best of the bunch comes from the Winter Soldier in which she still wears her standard black suit but with a few extra features. The simplistic look of her suit allows her signature gauntlets and belt buckle to be better accentuated. Something that really makes her look like the world’s most fashionable yet deadly super spy.


Let’s be honest the only reason star-lords outfit is ranked so low is that the wannabes’ space outlaw probably never washes that jacket. It was originally a different color weird-smelling space jackets aside star-lords biggest cost of distinction is the retractable mask that lets him breathe in space and kind of makes him look like a nightmare version of Ant-man.

If you sweat really hard but without the jacket in the mask what are you left with a sarcastic Chris Pratt wielding space so take that as you will on the bright side star-lords definitely the best dressed out of all the guardians of the galaxy

kill Monger:

let’s get one thing out of the way we’re not saying kill monger doesn’t have style his jean jacket museum getup had Flair, unlike any MCU villain. We’d seen before and his normal everyday costume was the perfect mix of tactical memorable and awesome. Which is why his actual black panther armor was a bit of a letdown we understand that they had to find a way to differentiate between the two black panther armors but the gold necklace with the gold tint made him look like a bedazzled kitty cat this is a good instance of MCU problem of having their hero fight a villain with a similar skillset and seeing how cool kill monger looked pre-armor.

Scarlet Witch:

We can’t really blame Scarlet Witch for not having much of a costume in the Avengers Age of Ultron. She wasn’t exactly trying to stand out and become a hero when picking out her clothes but still we can’t help but be disappointed in scarlet witch’s feature film debut especially when her comic-book counterparts costume is oftentimes quite radical.

We were never going to get a live-action version of her signature headdress and the extravagant cape doesn’t work with her character but we were hoping for something a little better than what we got this version of Scarlet Witch looks less like a person with powers and more like a teen staying out past curfew for the very.


The first time Hawkeye was the most criminally underused element in the first Avengers film. So it made sense his original costume was bland and forgettable fast forward to the Civil War version of Hawkeye.

We finally get a comic-book accurate shade of purple even rocks the one sleeve looked for some reason maybe he needs zero resistance on his bow drawing arm maybe it makes him aimed better maybe Jeremy Renner has just been putting a lot of time into the gym hadn’t wanted to show up a little bit of muscle, either way, it makes his costume stand out just a bit more which is important when people easily forget about you between movies.


Loki set a high bar when it came to villains in the MCU and it has to be a high bar because just look at those ridiculous horns on top of the god of mischiefs head if he had to set a low bar he wouldn’t have been able to walk under it the rest of Loki’s costume is a great mixture of Asgardian style and classic supervillain flair.

The only thing that really stands out as odd is the gigantic horns on top of his head. When he chooses to wear his helmet whenever he dons that presumably heavy crown he immediately becomes the target of every hunter in a three-mile radius because he looks like a majestic deer caught in some headlights.


This ant man’s costume an ant-man in the wasp makes a grave mistake in covering up Paul Rudd seemingly ageless space but we think it’s worth it for this end result somehow ant-man costume has equal parts cool and dorky a style that’s totally befitting the MCU Scorpius hero his armor is the right shade of red something vision in star-lord have proven is more difficult than previously imagined and if you look closely you can actually make out an ant’s head in the design of his armor that is an attention to detail that really stands out his helmet also has the cool feature of letting us see our hero’s eyes a tiny element that sets ant-man apart from the other helmet wearers in the MCU.

The Wasp:

Although teased an ant-man it took a while for Evangeline Lily’s character Hope Van Dyne to get a movie named after her in order to suit up as her comic-book alter-ego but the wait was worth it although not as flashy as ant-man red costume wasp super-suit highlights just how much of a fighter and warrior hope is in the field she seems much more equipped to fight bad guys than Scott with her wasp laser shooters and retractable wings making her even more skilled in combat it makes you wonder why ant-man is even necessary besides for the occasional funny quip or sarcastic comment for some reason.


We don’t quite trust ant-man with the wasp superior firepower war-machines existence answers the question on everybody’s mind what if iron man was loaded up the wazoo with guns and bombs the suit has always been packed to the brim with explosive firepower almost past the point of ridiculousness but he does provide crucial support in a clutch after vision turned his civil war suit into a pile of junk.

He got a serious upgrade for Avengers infinity war where Tony must have decided you know it would be better for war machine more guns risk rockets shoulder cannons and a large black gun makes this version of war machine the best yet we can’t wait for his next suit where war machine is just one big old cannon with legs.


The biggest threat in the universe needs a menacing costume and after years of buildup with a few false starts and Avengers and guardians of the galaxy Thanos finally made his presence known in Avengers infinity war and the Mad Titan did not disappoint whether it’s his all gold armor or his business casual look Thanos.

His costume was impressive in a lot of different ways given how strong Thanos is after all he did turn Hulk into his personal punching bag without breaking a sweat his armor seems entirely decorative with his body heavily armored in his arms left exposed you can imagine that oohs told his armor maker please leave a gauntlet sized gap on my arms I got plans for the future and he was certainly right.

Iron Man Mark-3:

It’s hard to beat the original out of all the variation of Iron Man’s armor. The original mark 3 is perhaps the most iconic. It’s the suit that Tony wears in the first Iron Man movie and set the basis for all of his suits.

Iron Man blowing up a tank in the Middle East and fighting Jeff Bridges Iron Monger. The great thing about this suit is how it lays the foundation for everything that came after every little tweak and cool addition. We see in future Iron Man suit stems from the blueprint set forth by Tony’s original design out of all the suits in Iron Man’s closet.


One of the most iconic has to be the mark 44 better known to people as the Hulkbuster armor. Look Tony is a smart guy he knows the Hulk is prone to fits of uncontrollable rage. So with Bruce banners help he developed a suit specifically to take on the not so Jolly Green Giant. It has the classic red and gold look. We’ve come to expect from all of Tony’s suits but this one comes with some serious firepower to combat.


The Hulk including the ability to call and back up appendages in case one gets ripped off and a powerful micro punching repeater which looks as painful as it sounds throughout his time. In the MCU the Hulk has never been judged too harshly by his appearance sure it’s strange how in one movie he looked like Edward Norton well in the next he looked like Mark Ruffalo but really the Hulk doesn’t require a lot of clothing or armor to be noticed he’s usually shirtless with stretched out pants but that all changed and thor Ragnarok when he finds out the green rage machine had been captured and was now the top gladiator on Sekar.

Dr. Strange:

Although we don’t think the whole really needed it the fighting pits gave him an awesome looking suit that managed to capture both the funky aesthetic of the film while also being a practical gladiatorial outfit if you were to tell us that by using some sort of mystical spell dr. strange was able to turn himself from a comic book character into a living human being.

We might be inclined to believe you Benedict Cumberbatch is the spitting image of dr. strange in the comic books and his costume is incredibly accurate sometimes it’s a bit difficult for a costume to make the jump from comic book to live-action but dr. strange his costume it’s one of the rare instances where it works perfectly apart from the robes which look more comfortable than a lot of the metal suits other superheroes wear the real element that ties dr. Strange’s costume together is his cloak of levitation it should have his own spin-off movie.

Iron spider:

Seeing spider-man trade in his normal costume for something metal and high-tech goes against the friendly neighborhood aspect of the character but we’ll forgive spider-man for needing something a little more space ready in Avengers infinity war to fight the evil.

Thanos on his home planet Titan it’s also hard to deny the suit doesn’t at least look awesome on the big screen and provides the web-slinger with some serious upgrades that the webhead should consider implementing in his everyday costume the iron spider outfit isn’t one we’re going to see too often but its brief appearance at least let fans see what would have happened if Tony was bitten by a radioactive spider instead of Thanos is the biggest threat the Avengers have ever faced so it makes sense that the costume

Iron Man infinity war:

Tony uses an infinity war suit is the most advanced version of his Iron Man armor yet. The suit is stored completely inside the detachable arc reactor in his chest. This arc reactor allowing it to materialize around him whenever he wants oh he calls it nanotech.

We will call it movie magic. It has plenty of features including a super booster in his legs. Also the ability to summon nanotech to create things like wings weapons and even to help seal wounds. When giant purple monsters go on a stabbing spree his suits have come a long way since the days of just struggling to get wonderful high straight.

Captain America:

In the first Avengers movie Captain America questioned if the stars and stripes were a little outdated but was then convinced the world needed a symbol and something to look up to this resulted in his worst costume ever his outfits moving forward have been much better than the best out of all of them is the stealth suit used in the opening mission for Captain America The Winter Soldier it’s an insane improvement over his last suit and still manages to be patriotic in a secret-agent sort of way the helmet fits his face better and the faded white star looks great in contrast with the all-blue suit. This is the Captain America of the modern times that we deserve.


Having his hammer destroyed and washing up on a foreign planet where he was enslaved to fight as a gladiator for the people’s entertainment was perhaps the best thing to ever happen to Thor. Sure it caused a lot of heartache and strife but it allowed the god of thunder to undergo a complete makeover and costume transformation. Also, it makes the Asgardian into one of the best-dressed characters in the MCU. let’s be honest the best part about this costume changed was that Thor finally got a worthwhile haircut.

Black Panther:

This superhero suit in Captain America Civil War was already one of the most impressive costumes in the MCU. So leave it to Shuri to make it even better for his solo movie in black panther. Black Panther new suit is stored completely in his necklace. Also, the suites come with a few other amazing features like kinetic absorption.

This allows the suit itself to absorb energy. How Shuri makes his shoes are now soundproof. So he makes no noise when he runs if this is just the result of one upgrade. We can’t wait to see what Shuri does by the time black panther 2 rolls around.

Iron man Endgame Suit:

Tony used to mark 50 armor in Avengers infinity war and we know this is not enough to stop Thanos. Tony update his suit in Avengers endgame and called it Mark 85. Iron Man Mark 85 armor is the most advanced suite ever made in MCU. All Iron Man’s armor based the original Mark-3 armor that tony wear in the first iron man film 2008.

All the iron man suit recognized by its red and golden color. Also, Iron man mark 85 based on red and golden color and suit look so cool on the big screen. Mark 85 armor looks like the advanced version on mark 3. And this suit probably the update of Avengers infinity war mark 50 suits with some extra feature.

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Not only is spiderman’s costume and spider-man homecoming the best Spidey costume ever seen on film(sorry Tobey Maguire). Peter Parker’s suit in his solo movie is the best costume in the entire MCU. It perfectly encompasses the goofy spirit of the character with its bright colors.

Also, the suit detailed design of the small spider emblem on his chest is noticeable yet not distracting. Also, the suits Ph.D. resistance is the eyes that are high-tech enough to adjust with Peters facial expressions.

Do you agree with our list of superhero and supervillain costumes? Also, there any that we might have missed let us know in the comment section below.