Loki Season 1 Episode 6 Story Review | Marvel Loki Episode 6 On Hotstar Disney Plus

Loki episode 6 hit online 14 July 2021. This is the last episode on season 1 & the rest of Loki season 1 on Disney plus. Loki season 1 all episode also features on Hotstar Disney plus In Hindi Dubbed, Tamil Dubbed & Telugu Dubbed. Watch Loki episode 6 on Disney plus.

Loki season 1 On Disney Plus

Loki Season 1 Episode 6 Story Review

The 6th episode of the Loki series ends the story of Loki season 1. Before we discuss the latest episode let’s talk about what we saw in the previous episode 5. Loki season 1 Episode 5 was one of the best episodes. In episode 4 Loki was disintegrated & everyone thought that Loki was death but at the end of episode 4 post-credit scene we saw that he was alive & meet some of his Variant. then we understand that TVA never kills the Variant most of the time they give them a job in TVA or they transfer the Variant at the end of time. Watch Loki Series In Real Life.

At the end of time, Loki meets some of his own & different versions including classic old Loki, Kid Loki who killed Thor, Aligator Loki who eat his neighbor cat, black Loki & president Loki. The story of classic old Loki was amazing & he did something very expecting in his timeline. Most of the Marvel fan was sad & confuse in infinity war that Loki was death but in old Loki’s timeline, Loki fakes his death & fool the mighty Thanos. Then he disappears, live alone for a long time but one day he decided to meet his brother Thor.
Tom Hiddleston Loki web series (Marvel Studio)

But before he meets thor TVA arrests him & sends him in Wide also known as the end of time. Our Loki was surprised that one of his versions fools Thanos who had infinity sone. Then later Loki decided to kill the Alioth who protect this place & meet Sylvie again. But when he saw the Alioth Loki was surprised by his power & postponed his stupid plan. But same time Sylvie & Mobius also meet Loki & his other Variant. Then they talk to each other & this time they want to control Alioth so that they can find the real timekeeper.

At the end of the fight, Loki & Sylvie tries to control the Alioth but he was very strong & they never win this without help. So the classic old Loki decided to help them & reach their destiny. Old Loki then creates the entire Asgard with his illusion power that makes him one of the most powerful versions of Loki. But unfortunately, he sacrifices himself & Loki Sylvie manages to control the Alioth. In the end, Loki & Sylvie found the way of the timekeeper.
Marvel Loki Season 1 on Disney Plus Hotstar

The last episode of Loki shows us everything about TVA, who created this, The real villain, what happed to Loki & Sylvie after this series. Also what happens to the rest of the TVA officers & what happed to the Marvel Multiverse. Because TVA always manages to destroy the marvel extra timeline so that only one universe at one time. But we all know what comes in the future Doctor Strange madness of Multiverse, Spiderman’s No way home What if based on the multiverse concept. So at the end of the Loki series, the marvel multiverse exists once again & each of the Variants goes back to where they came from.

This is all in Loki season 1 you can enjoy All episodes online on Disney Plus. Marvel Loki episode 1 to 6 Hindi Tamil Telugu dubbed feature on Hotstar Disney Plus. Loki season 1 was more fun compared to other marvel series like WandaVision & The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Loki will be returned in the upcoming marvel multiverse film Doctor Strange 2. Till now watch Loki season 1 all Episode Hindi Dubbed On Hotstar Disney Plus. You can also enjoy other marvel Films & series on Disney Plus Hotstar such as Black Widow, Upcoming What if season 1, Infinity saga, Iron Man series.

Tom Hiddleston Loki web series (Marvel Studio)

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