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    WandaVision Episode 8 Story, Review | Marvel WandaVision Episode 8 On Disney Plus

    WandaVision Season 1 Episode 8 Story & review

    Previous episode on Wnadavision Agnes revealed that she is a magical witch & her name Agatha Harkness. If you follow the Marvel Comic then you probably already guess that Agnes is Agatha Harkness. But we also know that she is not the main villain. She never was a big villain & in comics, she helps superheroes in many ways. But in this series, Agatha Harkness plays a very different character & episode 8 revealed more about Agatha. WandaVision season 1 now has 1 episode left so the mystery behind Agatha Harkness finally revealed in episode 8.

    WandaVision season 1 series
    WandaVision season 1 series

    Also, the story features Monica & Quicksilver working together, or at the last, they fight. Also the epic fight between S.W.O.R.D. & Wanda. In the final battle Vision also fight with SWORd when he realizes that they looking for his body. Also the epic line from the trailer where Vision told Wanda that let’s fight for our home. It’s really amazing to see vision flaying & kick bad guys. Vision & Wanda both very powerful superheroes & we already see how to strong Wanda is. But In Infinity war & Civil War vision was very week.

    There are some rumors about the main villain that revealed at the end of episode 8. So the last episode on WandaVision will be great. Episode 9 will full of Action, Magical, Easter eggs. We may watch Dr. Strange in Episode 9 where he helps Wanda to win this fight. That’s how Doctor Strange 2 movie connects to Wanda. Monica, Vision, Quick Silver, S.W.O.R.D play a big role in Episode 8 & 9. So if you haven’t watched the latest episode then watch WandaVison Episode 1 to 9 on Disney plus.

    WandaVision Episode 8 Watch & Download On Tamilrokckers The123movies

    The latest episode of WandaVision episode 8 now available on pirated site. Pirated The123moveis Tamilrockers 9xmovies leaked WandaVision season 1 episode 1 to 8 online for download & streaming online. WandaVision episode 8 Watch & download on Tamilrockers 9xmovies. WandaVision episode 8 download 480p 720p on The123movies, Tamilrockers & 9xmoveis also available. People also can Watch WandaVision episode 8 online on The123mvoeis in full HD. The series is officially available on Disney plus & Hotstar.

    The story of Episode 8 is good but still, we have a lot of questions & the answer will be in episode 9. So stay with the Wanda vision series. Watch WandaVision Episode 8 Online on Disney plus. Also WandaVision Episode 8 fully available in Hotstar Disney plus. The new episode 9 will be available online on Disney plus in March 2021.

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