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Marvel Studio : Tom Holland's Spider-Man is leaving the MCU, Sony Pictures and Disney Deal Cancel

Accept Tom Holland as spider man was very difficult but the fan also accepts him as spider man in spider man homecoming film. Other Hand a lot of people also say that they just watch spiderman homecoming because of Iron man or Robert Downey jr. But MCU fans finally accept MCU Tom holland as spider man in Avengers 3 means Avengers infinity war when spidey kick Thanos face and the emotional scene between Tony stark and peter parker.

Every MCU fan enjoys this moment. Then in avengers endgame spider man role also pretty awesome. When spider man finally came back in avengers endgame iron man sacrifice himself and save the entire universe. Also, he gave all responsibility to Peter parker and he gave all his gadgets and tech to Peter parker With the help of all iron man gadget spider man and Mysterio make a lot of fun and adventure in spider man far from home.

But before spider man far from home released sony deal with Disney that if spider man far from home cross 1 billion then they work again with Disney. So it’s a challenge for Disney marvel to make 1 billion with Spiderman 2. And spider man far from home cross 1 billion. And spider man far from home film was the first spider-man film that crosses 1 billion. Then every one thaught Disney and sony deal should be ok and we all see spider man 3 film in future.

But it’s not happened. Sony cancels the deal with Disney now they want to make their won universe with spiderman and venom. Marvel studio and Disney had a lot plan with spiderman and they make a lot of plans with spiderman and avengers series. Now Iron man, Captain leave MCU and studio make a new fresh young avengers team. But Cancel Disney and sony deal end everything. Now spider man no longer exists in MCU.

Good News About Spider-man

But the good news is Sony revealed that spider man 3 films released in the future. But this time spider-man film produced by sony company not marvel studio. And sony also informs that spider man 3 film cast and directer also same. They never change tom holland and director Jon Watts. And sony plan venom and spiderman crossover in the future. But film released date not confirm yet and film title also not revealed yet. It’s very early to say anything about spider man 3 film.