15 Best Wilderness And Jungle Survival Movies On Netflix 2019  
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The best survival movies you can currently watch on Netflix now. That’s why we create a 15 best Netflix survival movie list in 2019.

First, you’ve got to grasp “What may be a survival film means?”

A survival movie to me is somebody or a group of people trying to survive something like a natural disaster, an animal attack, some type of killer or they lost in a deep jungle and forest, lost at the sea and try to stay alive in every situation that’s called survival film.

I don’t know if you guys watch Discovery Channel survival episode like man vs wild, man woman wild, dual survival. This episode teaches us how to survive in a dangerous situation and sometimes it saves many people’s life. Because there are a lot of people every year lost in the rainforest, deep jungle and lost at the sea. And some of them die and some come back alive. And this survival movie list helps you to stay alive in this situation.

But Now forget about Lost in the jungle and lost at sea. Its time to enjoy this list of films.

So with all that being said I just want to give you some variety in this list. So I will be giving you a couple of different movies a couple of different types of survival movies to enjoy.

Here Is The 15 Best Wilderness Jungle Survival Movie On Netflix

  • 47 Meters Down (2017)
  • The Wave (2015)
  • Abandoned (2010)
  • Bird Box (2018)
  • No Escape (2015)
  • Friday the 13th (2009)
  • Backcountry (2015)
  • Hush (2016)
  • Deliverance (1972)
  • The Killing Ground (2016)
  • Apollo 13 (1995)
  • Into The Forest (2015)
  • Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)
  • After The Dark (2013)
  • The Colony (2013)

Now we talking about each of the movies cast information and short story review.

47 Meters Down (2017):

Film Info: Runtime: 1h 29m | Language: English, Hindi | Director: Johannes Roberts | Box office: 62.2 million USD | Budget: 5.3 million USD | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: I get the hate surrounding this movie when it first came out. I wasn’t really sure about it and think if I remember right it was supposed to go straight to streaming but it ended up having a theatrical release. I think it works okay. It’s pretty accessible for the majority of people who like watching Netflix movies. There are definitely some issues with the characters and character motivations. And why they’re in the water. But if you’re looking for some sort of good kind of fun exciting movie. Where people are in this tank in the ocean and there’s this big shark swimming around them and creating some really tense and exciting scenes. I think this would get to be a good one to start.

The Wave (2015):

Film Info: Runtime: 1h 45m | Language: English, Norwegian | Director: Roar Uthaug | Box office: 12.8 million USD | Budget: 6 million USD | Available:  Netflix

Short Story Review: This is a foreign film that is essentially about this giant huge mountain. That if a rockslide were to occur it would create this giant tsunami wiping out the town below it. Basically, they have surveillance 24/7 on this mountain and if something askew is gonna happen. They hit this alarm and it gives everyone pretty much ten minutes to kind of evacuate the town. This was another one people had pretty mixed feelings about. But what they pulled off with a six million dollar budget.

I thought was really awesome there were some really exciting intense scenes and this one as well. You’re gonna be yelling at the TV a lot and you’re some stupid choices are main but overall it is a very fun movie. It’s a good disaster movie and it kind of competes with those other Hollywood movies in my opinion.

Abandoned (2010):

Film Info: Runtime: 1h 33min | Language: English | Director: John Laing | Box office: 4.2 million USD | Budget: Unknown | Available:  Netflix

Short Story Review: We have abandoned which stars Dominic Purcell whom you’ll recognize from Prison Break. He’s probably the most well-known actor in this movie but this movie is a true story. It is about a BRAC that happens at sea and these guys are lost at sea for like a really long time. I won’t give you how long because of it kind of spoil like. When the movies gonna be over for you but this one’s fun. This one’s pretty accessible if you’re looking for a lost at sea type of movie.

I said it is a true story which is pretty incredible. Just how long these guys are lost and kind of the backlash. They got when things ended up you know when they came back. Back to the land, I’ll let you figure out what part of the story for yourself. If you aren’t familiar with it but like I said it’s an incredible true story. This one gets going right away pretty much the ship goes down within the first like two minutes so I enjoyed this one. It works well. If you’re looking for a more isolated kind of survival movie.

Bird Box (2018):

Film Info: Runtime: 2h 4min | Language: English | Director: Susanne Bier | Box office: Unknown | Budget: 19.8 million USD | Available:  Netflix

Short Story Review: This film got a lot of hype when it came out. I think it was a little bit over height. But it’s still a good movie nonetheless essentially. There is something supernatural that is causing mass hysteria and people to commit suicide. The movie is still really well acted it was a lot better than I was expecting. It’s probably one of the most accessible ones on this list. so maybe start here. If you don’t recognize any of the other names.

No Escape (2015):

Film Info: Runtime: 1h 43min | Language: English, Thai, French, Khmer | Director: John Erick Dowdle | Box office: 54.4 million USD | Budget: 5 million USD | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: Another one that’s very accessible stars, Owen Wilson. It’s about him and his family goes to this foreign country. Finding themselves kind of caught in the midst of this revolt and they have to fight for their survival. Now, this is another one that’s very well acted. You’re really rooting for Owen Wilson and his family to make it out of this situation. It’s it takes like I don’t know maybe like 20 minutes to set up but after that, it really gets going and doesn’t stop till the end. So if you’re looking for something a little more fast-paced. Then you should watch No Escape film.

Friday the 13th (2009):

Film Info: Runtime: 1h 46m | Language: English | Director: Marcus Nispel | Box office: 92.7 million USD | Budget: 19 million USD | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: It’s an unpopular opinion but I really enjoyed this movie. I thought it was one of the best in the franchise. I get the complaints I see that some of the comedy doesn’t work some of the characters really don’t work themselves. They’re pretty stereotypical but there’s a lot to love about this movie. The opening scene was awesome the cinematography and the lighting and just how this guy was able to create this atmosphere. I thought was really well done so give this one a chance. If maybe it’s been a while or you had some mixed feelings when it first came out.

Backcountry (2015):

Film Info: Runtime: 1h 32min | Language: English | Director: Adam MacDonald | Box office: $584,822 USD | Budget: Unknown | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: This a horror-thriller about this couple who again is in the woods and they encounter this bear. Now I don’t want to give away too many details because I think those would be the best experience without knowing too much. But the movie kind of starts out it takes its time sitting it off. But it’s never like boring like the first 30 minutes are kind of just unsettling. It’s almost like a funny games type of thing and then it turns into the stuff with the bear. But this one’s pretty good for a movie. You’ve probably never heard off.

Hush (2016):

Film Info: Runtime: 1h 27min | Language: English | Director: Mike Flanagan | Box office: Unknown | Budget: 1 million USD | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: We have hush which was directed by Mike Flanagan and is about this mute deaf author who lives in the woods alone. It’s a home invasion movie now you’ll recognize the lead actress from a haunting on Hill House her. And Mike Flanagan are married in real life. So it’s just fun knowing that and seeing all of their work together. But this one’s very exciting to it very well acts. It’s something that’s gonna blow your mind. It’s a really good thriller.


Deliverance (1972):

Film Info: Runtime: 1h 50min | Language: English | Director: John Boorman | Box office: 46.1 million USD | Budget: 2 million USD | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: This movie is such a classic there are so many parodies between the banjo singing and some other scenes. Basically, you have a group of guys who go on this canoeing trip to kind of like a bonding trip and they encounter some guys in the woods. Some mountain men they don’t really like them that’s all I’ll say.

In case you haven’t seen this movie if you’re maybe a younger viewer. Go check this one out takes its time to set up but once this one gets going it’s pretty awesome. As well and the movie teases you with like thinking. They’re kind of out of the woods you know pun intended but thinking they’re out of the woods and then they bring it right back in. So I had a lot of fun with this movie the first time.

Apollo 13 (1995):

Film Info: Runtime: 2h 20min | Language: English | Director: Ron Howard | Box office: 355.2 million USD | Budget: 62 million USD | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: Now, this is another classic it’s probably one of the best films on this list. Very well acted it does hold up to some degree. I think this one went down a couple of notches with just in terms of like. How realistic a space movie is but essentially they are on their way to the moon. There’s an explosion and they have to kind of figure out how to avert this crisis and fight first their survival. So it’s a survival movie in space. If you’re looking for that definitely start here. If you’ve never seen this movie it’s a must-watch FILM.

The Killing Ground (2016):

Film Info: Runtime: 1h 30min | Language: English | Director: Damien Power | Box office: Unknown | Budget: AUD $1,300,000 | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: It’s about this couple in this family who go hiking and essentially run into some bad guys. It’s pretty much all I’ll give you. But it is brutal it’s really not for sensitive people like I said. I am not sure about this film. I’ll probably never watch it again. But if you’re gonna check that film once you can do it.

Into the Forest (2015):

Film Info: Runtime: 1h 41min | Language: English | Director: Patricia Rozema | Box office: 37,418 USD | Budget:  million USD | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: This film based on the best selling Novel. two young girl story they lived a remote deep forest all alone. One day they discover that the globe around them is on the brink of Associate in Nursing apocalypse. If you looking for a jungle survival film where people feel hungry, disease, loneliness then it’s a great one.

After The Dark (2013):

Film Info: Runtime: 1h 47min | Language: English | Director: John Huddles | Box office: Unknown | Budget: Unknown | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: when a nuclear holocaust reboots the human race. A teacher finds a shelter that might help them to stay alive and he just selects just 10 students. But it all changes when the teacher killed a student. The other student goes inside the shelter but they leave their teacher. But the students don’t have the exit code of shelter. Really amazing film. Its a film about live or dia and love or hate.

Resident Evil: Extinction (2007):

Film Info: Runtime: 1h 34min | Language: English | Director: Russell Mulcahy | Box office: 148.4 million USD | Budget: 45 million USD | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: This film based on a popular video game series and its a final part of the series. where a deadly make every living being undeadly. And Alice and her team once again in the Nevada desert fight with an undeadly living being and destroy the deathly virus who made this.

The Colony (2013):

Film Info: Runtime: 1h 35 | Language: English | Director: Jeff Renfroe | Box office:  million USD | Budget:  million USD | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: Another Survival movie where people live in a bunker. When world climate change a group of people lives in a bunker. When the world change people find them they are changed, they are like a zombie. It’s generally an action thriller film. I like the film story it’s not a unique story but it’s enough to entertain people.


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