What If Season 1 Episode 5 Story Review | Marvel What If Episode 5 On Hotstar Disney Plus

Marvel What If Episode 5

What If Season 1 Episode 5 Story Review

The 5th episode of the Marvel What If series is inspired by a famous marvel comic storyline where all the superheroes turn into zombies including our favorite Avengers. Well, each of what-if episode exploring different universe & show us how this universe creates. This is created by a small change in the timeline to create a whole new universe. In this What If episode 5 avengers is somehow infected by an unknown virus that turns them into zombies. In the comic book, spiderman was the first person infected by this zombie virus.

After some time most of the people from planet earth turn into a zombie & everyone tries to eat each other. Some superheroes like Iron Man, Wolverine, Doctor Strange, Black Panther & this country, Team Fantastic & some others survive from this virus & they try to find a vaccine that will cure them. But Mr fantastic found out that this virus maybe make them zombies but this will make them immortal. So he injected most of the superheroes with this virus because he thinks this is the human next life & their destiny.

So most of people & superhero turn into a zombie but Black Panther Wakanda somehow manage to hole the zombie for some time but at the end, they destroy the Wakanda. But there are few including Black Panther hide for a long time & the zombie left the earth because there is nothing left to eat. I think the What if the episode will be inspired by this same story where avengers turn into a zombie & this zombie event maybe take place after the event of Avengers age of Ultron.

Then years later Banner came to eath just like he return in avengers infinity war. But this time banner watches iron man Attaches Ebony Maw & Black Dwarf. Banner also watches two other people help iron man in this fight & after some time they start eating them. This story also features bucky who are in Wakanda & some other hero may be left. But there is no way they win against this zombie & most of the heroes turn into immortal zombies who eat people. Watch the full story of the Disney Plus Hotstar platform. So watch Marvel What If Episode 5 Online on Disney Plus Hotstar.

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